Can You Buy PhenQ at Walmart? Here's All You Need To Know

Walmart has 4,756 stores in United States, It is a multinational retail hypermarket, with thousands of products. Walmart does not sell PhenQ.

What Is PhenQ Walmart?

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Phenq Walmart

PhenQ is a dietary weight loss supplement. Yes I know PhenQ is not the only dietary supplement and there are plenty of other detox diets, weight shred programs, slimming pills etc in the market and to be honest it took me very long to realize that most of them are only false claims and money making frauds.

Then why did I choose PhenQ? PhenQ is original, all its claims are backed by legal certifications. It actually burns all the excess fat and gets you in shape plus it aids muscle gain too, so this was perfect for me.

So you are wordering can i buy phenq from walmart? After rummaging around all the shelves in every aisle at Walmart I find out that PhenQ is NOT available there! So if you are planning to give it a try then please don’t! I know Walmart is huge but it does not keep the best weight loss solution which i desperately needed.

However I am grateful to their worker who told me to check out the official website. Should have thought that out earlier, I know. But anyway I searched the website and it took only a few minutes.

All you have to do is fill in the necessary details in the questionnaire on the site and order. The reason behind selling their product only through the official website is to keep it genuine and make sure there is no way for a replica to be released in the market. Plus, the users get the customer care they deserve. Here’s the link to the website for your help: Click Here

If you ask me, the customer care is excellent. I got my PhenQ pills with totally free shipping, and no hidden costs. I also availed the offer of buying two bottles and got one free, plus it comes with a free weight loss guide.

But hold on! Before ordering any supplement, you should be fully aware of what PhenQ actually is. Read till the end and find out all you need to know about PhenQ Walmart.

It is a product of Wolfson Berg Limited who launched its best product and has been in fiery business ever since. The company is reputable and this is what gave me the most assurance, it has certified its product and backed all its claims.

PhenQ Walmart is prepared under FDA and GMP approved facilities. If you have a look at the stats, users of PhenQ are increasing everyday, the results are shared on social media, millions of viewers and people are supporting one another and this weight losing movement is on the go!

Who Can Use PhenQ?

There is no gender discrimination here! PhenQ is for both men and women, they can safely use PhenQ without any health harms. Also, the dosage remains the same for both men and women.

Fortunately, vegetarians can also use the PhenQ, even the vegans as the ingredients in the pill are all natural and suitable for vegetarians.

Benefits Of PhenQ

PhenQ stimulates thermogenesis in the body to trigger temperature rise and ultimately a speedy metabolism and fat burning.

PhenQ pill reduces fat production, prevents weight gain and fat build-up inside the body. PhenQ inhibits the process of the development of producing fat, storing it in its fat places which the body tends to do so that it can have energy in emergency situations.

This benefit makes PhenQ the best choice, instead of starving yourself and then lying on bed the whole day exhausted due to your diet programs you can just choose PhenQ. Not just diets, some other weight loss pills also make you feel exhausted and low in energy. This slimming pill ‘PhenQ actually increases your energy levels and boosts them to a higher level so that you can go on with your regular routine work.

Cravings? Binge eating and junk food cravings are the major reason for increasing weight gain, well it is for me. An appetite suppressant plays a very important role in helping in controlling your appetite.

Mood swings? PhenQ enhances your mood. Most people using PhenQ have reported to have improved moods after consuming the drug because unlike weight loss programs and heavy pills, PhenQ does not have negative effects of depression, anxiety and mood swings. This saves you from severe mood swings and short-temperedness.

Side Effects Of PhenQ

This good news is especially for the Vegans, PhenQ is made up of 100% natural ingredients, so it is not known to have any side effects.

However pregnant women and women who feed infants should seek advice from experts before trying PhenQ. Also, all children or minor, people with serious illnesses or are taking other contraindicated medications should not go for taking a weight loss supplement.

Dosage For PhenQ

Easy intake! Just take 2 PILLS PER DAY, one in the morning and the other in the noon time.

The users of PhenQ must also keep in mind that taking the pill after afternoon may lead to sleeping disorders due to the product’s high caffeine content. Therefore one should avoid taking the pill after the afternoon.

PhenQ users are also advised to reduce their regular caffeine intake after starting to use PhenQ as the supplement itself has caffeine in it.

This is particularly for the people with caffeine sensitivity. Products such as coffee, cocoa, chocolate, soft drinks, and some energy supplements may cause anxiety, insomnia and irritability. Therefore a PhenQ walmart should consider avoiding high intake of these.

Remember, do NOT exceed the recommended daily allowance, to prevent and avoid side effects as some of these may be hazardous. Please don’t think that overdose of the product will definitely NOT speed up the weight loss process. Let’s not get hasty and cause harm to our health. The PhenQ does its job efficiently in the prescribed dosage.

Why Choose PhenQ?

Well why would anyone choose a pill when they are getting 5 benefits in 1? PhenQ is a trusted weight loss supplement with guaranteed results.It is the five in one fat soluble pill.

  • The product uses 100% natural and pure products
  • The product was produced in GMP and an FDA approved facilities
  • PhenQ does not interact or contraindicated with other substances
  • You don’t need a medical prescription for buying PhenQ
  • It offers special money saving packages.
  • It is more effective than other dietary supplements since it Fights the thickness in 5 different ways.
  • It includes a money back guarantee.
  • It guarantees results

Ordering And Availing Offers

Wolfson Berg Limited knows how to satisfy its customers, it has come up with special offers for PhenQ users, let me list a few for you below,

On the purchase of 3 bottles, customers can get an extra one bottle completely free of cost. With this special offer Wolfson Berg is providing this breakthrough formula at an affordable rate for all its customers around the globe.

So that people can finally speak back to their body shamers. With every purchase, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee and also a free Advance Cleanse. You will also receive a free guide to weight loss when the parcel is FREE shipped to your place.

Customer Reviews


I recommend this to everyone now, doing dome good for my friends. I mean why not? PhenQ has been a lifesaver for me. I’m 26 and I used to look like 36 only due to the extra pound I had put on by stress eating during my studies. I’m so much slimmer now. This thing really works.

The best part is that it had no side effects! My muffin top is gone and my belly fat is noticeably shrunk. I didn’t even go to the gym and yet here i am all slim and smart. I’m really grateful to PhenQ.



PhenQ actually works! And this deserves a review. I’m cursing those people whom I paid for in weight losing programs and got zero results. I almost believe that nothing would work on me and this is how I have to live for the rest of my life with a huge belly in front of me! But Phenq proved me wrong.

My belly fat is all melted, this has had a huge impact on my personality. I’m a completely changed person now with boosted confidence instilled in me.