The Best Weight Loss Supplement of Decade

If you’ve been “window shopping” for fat burning supplements lately, you must’ve surely came across Phen375 at least a few times.

Well, there’s a good reason for that. This product has been in the market since 2009 and has earned the admiration of people from all around the world. 

In its quest to make you become slimmer, sexier, and more attractive, this supplement has undergone many changes to become better over the years. But that doesn’t mean you should buy it blindly and hope for the best.

Read our Phen375 review to know about its pros and cons and if will in fact help you shed those extra pounds.

There are too many dietary supplements and pills out there, promising reduced weight in no time. They propagate a notion of ‘miracle pills,’ but in reality, they are little more than chemicals that harm your metabolic and digestive functions.

Phen375 is not an ordinary pill. It is manufactured and distributed by RDK Global, a leading brand in the field of weight loss. They have retained their position throughout the United States with their quality products and thorough scientific engagement for the past ten years.

Phen375 is FDA-approved. This removes all the doubts people usually have with such products. In other words, the supplement is termed a “pharmaceutical-grade supplement.” 


Phen375 is a unique product for several reasons. The supplement addresses the problem of overweight in a comprehensive, 5-way approach that is absent in ordinary obesity pills.

  1. Reduces hunger cravings
  2. Increases metabolic rate
  3. Increases water intake of the body
  4. Increases energy levels in the body
  5. Helps the body to burn the excess fat

The 5-way approach explained

This is the first step to systematic weight loss. The sudden hunger pangs which make you gobble the unnecessary calories are also significant symptoms of other diseases lurking underneath. 

This product cuts on the hunger cravings and consequently reduces the average calorie intake by our bodies. Lack of excess calories means less fat accumulation in the body.

A high BMR is a symptom of a healthy body. A highly-functioning digestive system extracts and dissolves all the extra fat from our bodies.

Digestion induces a process of generating heat within, which is called thermogenesis in scientific terms. This heat is responsible for burning the accumulated fat and enhancing the various digestive processes.

It is a two-way process. Consuming Phen375 facilitates the metabolic rate as it rapidly increases the BMR of the body. With time, this leads to an efficient digestive system, accelerating thermogenesis. 

The next step in the process of weight loss is increasing the urge to drink water. All those weight-loss programs that focus on only the BMR forget this underrated element.

Water is not only a fantastic weight-loss tool, but it also processes out toxins from our body and improves the secretion of various enzymes in the digestive tract. Helping food movement through the intestines, it is responsible for an efficient bowel movement.

Apart from this, it optimizes blood pressure and regulates the endocrine system. Phen375 helps with this process as it increases the urge of drinking water. Water controls the sodium/potassium balance in the body, a contributing factor to efficient weight loss.

Boosting energy levels is an essential factor in the path of rapid weight loss. The Na+/K+ balance (that is regulated by water) is central to energy levels in the body. 

Low energy dampens our spirits to work efficiently. We lack the urge to participate, inviting in us the problems of social anxiety and depression.

Phen375 takes our physical energy to another level, helping keep psychological problems such as anxiety at bay. High energy levels also foster confidence, and breaks the cycle of monotony and depression from life.

Excess energy levels finally lead to the last stage of the functioning module: burning excess fat. The heat generated from heightened energy levels significantly break down the excess calories in the food. 


Phen375 is the perfect combination of various chemicals, verified by dedicated scientists. Moreover, getting a fresh idea of what you are about to ingest is very crucial. 

We never know what you might be allergic to! Manufacturers of Phen375 boast of their honesty and the transparent communication they maintain with their consumers.

Before getting into the possible side effects of the pill, take a look at the main ingredients of the product.

  1. L-Carnitine
  2. a-Lacys Reset
  3. Capsimax Powder
  4. Citrus Aurantium
  5. Coleus Forskohlii Root PE

This compound has a crucial role in boosting your weight loss process. Every such authentic supplement that’s available in the market today comprises L-Carnitine.

It is one of the most active compounds in the field of metabolism-boosting. It accelerates the energy creation processes of our body and helps to burn the accumulated fat faster. This excess fat burning will increase your energy to higher levels.

Due to excess energy, you will feel less tired and find the strength to carry out regular work.

a-Lacys Reset is a calculated mix of cysteine and alpha-lipoic acid. It has a significant effect on cell oxidation and reduction as well as neutralizing the excess radicals in our bodies. Excess radicals harm our body’s metabolism, leading to premature aging.

This compound has a significant role in controlling the aging properties of the body and increasing energy levels. It makes you look younger and feel healthier. 

In controlling the blood sugar levels, a-Lacys Reset has a significant role to play. As it regulates metabolism, it leads to better absorption and breakdown of food. Also, the hormones and enzymes function better.

This is a magical compound without which weight loss would be incomplete.

It is another effective compound comprising essential elements in a balanced proportion. Let’s list these ingredients first before moving on to the qualities of capsimax powder.

  1. Capsicum: This vegetable contains large amounts of Vitamin E, B6, A, and C. It works wonders on your cardiovascular system, regulates the digestion, and induces antioxidants in the body.


  2. Piperine: Obtained from pepper, this is another vital ingredient that you would require in your weight-loss journey. It facilitates thermogenesis and cuts down on fat molecules. It also helps keep the blood pressure and flow in check. Piperine also regulates our immune system. It also stimulates better absorption of nutrients from the food we intake.


  3. Caffeine: in controlled amounts, is an excellent source of energy. It helps you to stay awake and makes you feel less exhausted despite eating small amounts of food. It proves beneficial during the diet control periods.

Not known to many, but this is an essential fat burner component. It is a mint-plant extract that has started getting included in the weight-loss scene very recently. 

Its principal function is to convert the accumulated fat into energy. Recent research has shown that coleus roots have massive potential in energy conversion procedures than other artificial stimulants.

Therefore, it’s increasingly used in dietary pills nowadays.


Fitness comes with patience, perseverance, and pushing your limits. And there are some costs involved as well. Even the best diet pills come with some side effects! Even though people experiencing side-effects having taking Phen375 is rarely heard of, here are some you might face:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Anxiety (minimum chances)
  • A disturbed stomach
  • Increased blood pressure

Other than this, there are side effects of the single components that you should also consider.

  • Caffeine: Excessive use of the pill could interfere with your sleeping patterns as caffeine increases energy levels.
  • Forskohlii Root: When consumed in excess, this natural ingredient can prove harmful too. As it increases blood pressure, it may lead to hypertension in people who already have acute blood pressure.


The recommended dosage is two pills per day and NOT more than that. It is important to remember that doubling down on the pills won’t help you lose weight faster.
The best module to follow for the pills are:

  • One pill 20 minutes before breakfast.
  • Another pill 20 minutes before lunch.
  • Try not to take this pill before any time after late afternoon. That might disturb your sleeping patterns.

Who Can't take this?

There is no one for whom this pill is NOT suitable. But it’s always better to consult your doctor or a general physician who is well aware of your medical history before starting on this pill. It is a strict no-no if you are pregnant. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not have this pill during the gestation period and six months post-pregnancy.

If you have diabetes, you should consult your doctor to find out what side effects you may face. For people who take heavy psychiatric drugs, they may get mild anxiety attacks. Therefore, it is advisable to check with your counselor and your psychiatrist before trying out.

Money back guarantee

One of the main advantages of selecting Phen375 is its money-back guarantee, which shows the effectiveness of the product. The manufacturers promise to refund the purchase if you don’t see any results within 30 days of regular dosage combined with exercise and a calorie-deficit yet nutrient-rich diet.


  • FDA approved weight loss supplement
  • Helps you shed a few kilos almost every week
  • Doesn’t require intense physical workouts
  • Organic ingredients and more affordable compared to other products


  • Not suitable for pregnant women

Final words

Phen375 has made its mark over the years due to its authenticity and great results. The manufacturers have always approached their consumers with utmost honesty. 

It gives the best results when it is fused with a routined life, a balanced diet, and regular work-out sessions. This supplement can indeed help reduce your weight and put you in a better mental state, when taken regularly.

So, don’t hesitate to try it. We’re sure you’ll some positive results.

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