Containers Carrying Contrabands Confiscated in Chonburi Province, Thailand

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n the evening of 24 August, 2016, officials went down to the containers and opened them to find processed timbers and logs in Laem Chabang Sea Port, Chonburi Province.

Officials found the falsely-manifested timbers and logs within a total of 20 containers in Laem Chabang Sea Port. According to customs, the containers were sourced from Lao PDR. In accordance to the policies of the deputy commander of the Royal Thai Police, also chief of the Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression Center, which gave importance to the integrated work among all departments involved in natural resources, especially timber and wildlife. The authorities received the notification from Director General of the Royal Thai Customs informing of the x-ray results, which found 20 containers containing smuggled timbers and logs originally destined to another country. The contrabands were seized for further investigations and court rulings with the assistance of the Royal Thai Police. The authentication of the evidences is under the responsibilities of Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Division, local police (Chonburi Province), and forensic police.

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