Kanchanaburi Wildlife Checkpoint continued their duties at Thai-Myanmar borders.

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Kanchanaburi Wildlife Checkpoint works rigorously into the New Year as officials continued their inspection and public relation duties at Thai-Myanmar borders checkpoints in Kanchanaburi province: Three Pagodas Pass in Sangkhla Buri district on December 31, 2016 , Phuthakaya Pagoda on January 1, 2017 and Phu Nam Ron Border Checkpoint on January 2, 2017.The enforcement operation included the strict inspection of personnel and vehicles travelling across the borders for illegal wildlife. These activities also involved informing the public to better understand about ivory and asking for cooperation from tourists, shops, and locals in refraining from dealing in ivory and ivory-related goods in all shapes and form. The campaign also dissuades people in taking ivory out of Thailand.


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