Chong Chom Wildlife Checkpoint continued their duties at Thai-Cambodia borders.

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On December 27, 2016, Chong Chom Wildlife Checkpoint cooperated with enforcement officials at Chong Chom Border Checkpoint (Thai-Cambodia border) in Surin Province. Twenty-two members from Huaituptun – Huaisamrun Wildlife Sanctuary (Department of National Parks , Wildlife and Plant Conservation), Surin Fish Quarantine Unit (Department of Fisheries), Forest Preservation and Protection Division SR. 4 (Royal Forest Department), Local Provincial Administration , Volunteer Defense Corps 6 from Kap Choeng District (Surin Province), and police officers from Surin Provincial Police Special Operations Units, got together for the regular inspection at “Chong Chom Market” which is located near the border. The routine inspection encompassed the entirety of the market, inspecting two woodwork shops and eleven souvenir stores. The enforcement operation also included the strict inspection of personnel and vehicles travelling across the borders for illegal wildlife. No signs of irregularities or wrongdoings were found.

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