The 2 nd Local Bilateral Meeting between Lao PDR (Khammouane) - Thailand (Nakhon phanom) ,10-12 May 2016

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The 2 nd Local Bilateral Meeting between Lao PDR (Khammouane) - Thailand (Nakhon phanom) ,10-12 May 2016

Meeting Report
The provincial meeting between Laos PDR (Khammouan) and Thailand (Nakhon Phanom) was held on 10– 12 May 2016 in Kounkham, Khammouan province. The two provinces reported on their respective CITES-related actions. After both sides have exchanged information, the Meeting took note of the CITES-related progresses in Khammouan, Laos PDR while also acknowledging the results of the borders’ checkpoint of Nakhon Phanom, Thailand. The 125 km length borders between the Khammouan and Nakhon Phanom were analyzed for smuggling routes in the potential threatened and critical areas. Both sides agreed for an increase in patrol schedules for the risky and secluded areas as well as an agreement to protect and prevent illegal wildlife trades between countries in the future. Contacts between the focal points are further established to create a shared information network for officials as well as annual lesson exchange. They will also work together to more effectively publicize the regulations and list of fauna and flora species that are illegal for import/export between countries to the people. Nakhon Phanom will be the host for the next meeting as agreed between the two provinces to alternate being host for meetings.

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